Made in the USA

Local is important. Our boards aren’t 100% made in the USA but we’re working on it. Our decks and wheels are American made and we’re looking for local truck and bearing suppliers.

Fresh and Clean

Naked Longboards are stripped down, clean and classy. These boards aren’t for your twelve year old brother who wears a snapback to soccer practice and gets no field time.


Laser-etching should be perfect. Raygun Digital in Hillsboro, OR knows this. Larry Eisenberg left Nike to start etching and has created pieces for Widmer, Nike, and Kona Brewing.

Stone-ground Wheels

What does that even mean? It means your board will hit that sweet spot the first time you take it out. You won’t have to spend hours on end waiting for it to get “right.”

Naked Exposure

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Street Team

We are looking for a few talented male and female longboarders to be a...

Show Off

Send us pictures and videos of you and your Naked Longboard and we’ll post...

A Good Cause

Giving back to the community is important to us. Let us know what causes...